Lattafa Pride Deodorant for Men & Women 250 ml


  • Lattafa Pride Deodorant: Unisex freshness at an affordable price in Bangladesh.
  • 250 ml size for long-lasting confidence.
  • Captivating scent suitable for both Men and women.
  • Ideal for active lifestyles, work, workouts, and social events.
  • Elevate your daily routine with Lattafa Pride Deodorant. Shop now!


Elevate your daily freshness with Lattafa Pride Deodorant, a versatile choice for both Men and women. Uniting quality and affordability, this 250 ml deodorant offers long-lasting protection against odor and sweat.

Pride Deodorant by Lattafa is your reliable companion for all-day confidence, perfect for active lifestyles. Its captivating scent combines elegance and vigor, making it suitable for everyone, regardless of gender.

This budget-friendly option brings a touch of luxury to your daily routine. With a generous 250 ml size, it lasts longer, ensuring you’re prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

Whether you’re headed to work, a workout, or a social gathering, Lattafa Pride Deodorant has you covered. Its delightful fragrance lingers, leaving a memorable impression.

Experience the pride of freshness without breaking the bank. Shop now and embrace the essence of confidence and vitality with Lattafa Pride Deodorant for Men and women!


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